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Liz Sinner

 I’m Liz, I’m 22 years old and I am from Luxembourg. I am currently studying at a university of applied sciences in Vienna to become a registered dietician. I have always had a great passion for food and cooking, and almost 2 years ago I’ve decided to start this food blog and an instagram account (@vegelizious) to show people how amazing and easy the vegetarian and vegan cuisine is. Eating less animal products also has several health benefits such as decreasing the risks of non-communicable diseases, and it also helps reducing CO2 emissions and thus supports the planet’s health which is crucial in the current situation. On this blog, I share yummy vegan and vegetarian recipes and cooking hacks with you, take you along my journey to become a dietician, and give you an insight in my freelance work as a recipe developer and food photographer. If you would like to collaborate, hit me up below!

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