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Apricot Rosemary Trifle

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

This trifle tastes like dessert but is very low in fat and sugar. You could also prepare it for breakfast and eat on the go. Be creative and take different fruit for the compote such as rhubarb in spring or apples with some cinnamon in autumn season.

Preparation Time: 15 mins

Cooking Time: 15 mins

Total Time: 30 mins

Servings: 2-4 people

Portions: 4 small or 2 large




4 apricots

1/2-1 stalk rosemary

250 g low fat cheese

250 g low fat yoghurt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1-2 tsp erythritol (optional)

35 g jumbo oats

10 g almond slices

2 tbsp coconut syrup



1. Cut the apricots into small cubes and finely chop the fresh rosemary. Put everything into a small pot and let simmer for 10-15 minutes on medium heat. Stir regularly and let cool.

2. Roast the oats and almonds in a pan without oil until they are golden brown. Deglaze and caramelise with coconut syrup. Put the crumble on a piece of baking paper and let cool.

3. Mix the low-fat cheese, yoghurt, vanilla extract and optionally erythritol.

4. Now layer the desserts in the following order: some yoghurt cream, then the apricot rosemary compote and finally the oat crumble. Make as many layers as you want and place in the refrigerator.


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Apricot Rosemary Trifle
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